MNT STUDIO | #MNT10 Challenge

Earlier this month I participated in the #MNT10 Challenge at MNT STUDIO. Tasked with completing 10 workout classes in 14 days I knew I had my work cut out for me.  The instructors here don't mess around and are expertly trained to kick you in the tush, leaving you sore but wanting more the next day.  As their resident wellness coach, I was also hosting a 10-day cleanse to compliment the challenge.  So the pressure was on! 


I met Elaine Hayes, owner of MNT STUDIO, through a mutual friend and instructor at her beautiful pilates and barre studio in the SOMA district of San Francisco. She was looking for a new Health and Wellness Coach to join the team and bridge the gap between exercise and nutrition, offering my health coaching services to studio members. I immediately said yes, and the fact that Elaine is an incredible person + bad ass female entrepreneur who has built her business from the ground up made my decision even easier. I mean look at how gorgeous this place is! 

Fast forward to present day.  I left my corporate banking job behind me and traded in my business suit for pilates socks. Conversations about debt repayment became conversations about nutrition and health. Right away we knew that creating a Fitness and Nutrition Challenge was a must! Thus the #MNT10 Challenge was born, combining 10 days of fitness classes at the studio with my 10 day detox. I participated in both and enjoyed every day of it. Trish, Hande, Gabby, Emily and Carlie reminded me what it was like to WORK HARD for the body you really want. All instructors are expertly trained to to lead you through 50-minute work outs that target all the right spots. 

Doing my detox with the group and cleansing again felt oh so good - two cleanse smoothies a day and lunch and dinner made with whole grains, veggies, fruit, nuts and organic meats. By Day 5 and after four classes I was feeling amazing! By Day 14 I noticed that my booty was more lifted and abs, arms and legs more toned. I had amazing energy and was sleeping so well. One participant who did both my cleanse and the #MNT10 Challenge lost 8 pounds, and another lost an inch off of her waist and thighs! 

I always tell my clients about the 70/30 rule - weight loss and good health is a combination of 70% nutrition and 30% exercise.  These 14 days for the challenge truly reminded me to practice what I preach! I feel incredible going into the holidays this year and my pilates addiction continues at my favorite studio. 

Molly Alliman