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How to choose the best protein powder for you

A question I get a lot from clients is how to add more protein to their diet. One good way to add protein to your diet is with protein powder, but with so many on the market today, how do you choose which one is best for you? 


The first step to choosing a protein powder that works for you is deciding if you want (1) a whey protein or (2) a vegan protein. 

(1) When choosing a whey-protein it is important to buy grass-fed whey. There are a lot of whey protein powders available, but the vast majority come from feedlot cattle fed with grains, often corn mash, a low nutrient waste product of ethanol manufacturing. Whey protein from  grass fed cows, by comparison, is higher in omega-3 fatty acids when compared to grain fed cattle and is free of pesticides and hormones.  

Whey protein is an excellent ingredient to add to smoothies, not just for all the beneficial amino acids, and other nutritional elements, but also because it naturally slows down digestion and minimizes blood sugar spikes for more stable energy levels. My favorite brands are Well Wisdom and Vital Whey.  

(2) When choosing a vegan protein powder the best types are hemp, brown rice, pea protein or a blend. The less ingredients the better.  You can find protein powders where the only ingredient simply is brown rice protein with nothing else, so you know you are steering clear of unhealthy additives and hidden sugar. 

My vegan favorite brands, in order from least to most sweet in taste are: 
Sun Warrior

Also, this is my favorite for collagen peptides. This "powdered bone broth" is an excellent source of protein, 2 scoops gives you 14 grams of clean protein and all nine essential amino acids.