the balance cleanse

How you think about and approach your daily health can become a habit in learning to select the right foods for your body. To help clients achieve their own healthy habits, The Balance Cleanse is available to kick-start a healthy routine in your life.

The 10-Day Cleanse Program is the first step down your path of a lifetime of optimal health. The key to success of living a healthy, balanced and happy life is making the commitment to change the way you think about food and how it effects your mood, energy, weight, sleep, digestion, and health. You will reset your system, improve your health, aid your body in detoxification and learn which foods work/don't work for your body.

I specially designed the 10-Day Cleanse Program as a way to detox your body without depriving it of food. No more juice cleanses, fad diets, fasts or calorie counting.


  • To not be hungry and to feel satisfied.

  • To drink two liver cleansing smoothies and two colon cleansing shakes per day.

  • To eat meals consisting of organic fruits and veggies, legumes, beans, gluten free grains and organic meats.

  • To experience clearer and smoother skin, improved digestion, better sleep, a flatter belly, more balanced emotions, a sharpened mental clarity, and weight loss.

  • To identify adverse reactions to any food intolerances with a step-by-step reintroduction process tailored specifically for you.

The Balance Cleanse is available on its own or as an add-on to any Balance by Molly program.  Click the button above to learn more!