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Intuitive Eating Nutrition Plan

To help you bridge that gap on your way to becoming an Intuitive Eater.

Here’s the deal. Meal plans suck. So, I wanted to make one that didn’t suck. Plain and simple.

Because let’s be honest, sticking to a 2-week or 28-day meal plan is borderline impossible and pretty much goes against every principle of Intuitive Eating – listening to what your body really wants in the moment and letting go of the external messages from Diet Culture. 

But sometimes we need a bit of direction. 

HEAL YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD: I have found with my clients that I work with on breaking the binge/restrict cycle, that they need the right tools to bridge them from ED recovery to Intuitive Eating. 

GUT HEALING: Dieting and restriction can typically cause digestion issues, and healing your gut is important by getting nutrients from balanced meals.

This is why I created this Nutrition Plan. To help you not only to heal your gut, but also your relationship with food.


Often when we are working on healing our relationship with food and discovering Intuitive Eating, we can feel a bit lost. Possibly caught between two worlds - the old one of restriction, food rules and control vs. the new one of truly understanding and listening to what our body wants and needs intuitively.

Without the right tools we can’t leap from one side to the other. This Nutrition Plan will serve as your stepping stone on your journey of healing your relationship with food.

Remember, intuitive eating isn’t about perfection. It is about letting go of perfection and tuning in to your body. 

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Choose between the 2-week RESET or THE 28-day RENEW plan


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This eBook is unlike any other meal plan you have seen or used before. I have added intuitive eating mix n’ match meal grids and worksheets to help tap into what your body wants including your hunger and full cues, and how food makes you feel. The Nutrition Plan gives you a framework with options to swap recipes and meals for each week, and you can also enjoy eating out or ordering in. You will learn exactly how to do this while staying in tune with your body by following my Four Principles of Healthy Eating

Because life is not meant to be spent meal prepping every day in your kitchen and weighing food or counting macros - IT IS MEANT TO BE ENJOYED!

This plan is not to be used as a diet for weight loss, but instead as a tool to learn how to pay attention to your body’s cues and what it really desires on a daily basis. It includes healthy and balanced recipes with protein, fats and fiber as well as easy to digest dairy and carbohydrates. Think goat’s milk kefir, whole grains and sprouted wheat bread. It can be modified to be gluten-free and/or dairy-free. At this time there is no vegetarian or vegan option. 

The Nutrition Plan is designed with balanced meals to make you feel really good. I’m talking better digestion, more energy, a clearer mind, deeper sleep, elevated mood and empowerment to choose foods that work for your body. 

Whether you want to RESET for 2 weeks or fully RENEW for 28 days, you will be guided through each week with a mix n’ match meal grids, shopping lists, meal prep advice, how to eat out/order in, tons of delicious and nourishing recipes and weekly intuitive eating worksheets.