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molly alliman, nutrition + health coaching

Molly is a Certified Health Coach and Nutrition Expert based in San Francisco who received her education from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City.  Molly also holds a certificate in sustainability from the Presidio Management School in San Francisco with a focus on organic and sustainable food practices. She uses her knowledge and passion for nutrition to educate her clients on how eating whole foods can lead to weight loss, reduced stress, clearer skin, increased energy and better health.

Before launching her own health coaching practice, Molly worked in corporate banking for over 10 years structuring debt transactions for technology companies in Silicon Valley. The effects of long hours, traveling, stress and a poor diet took its toll on her body. She had gained 20 pounds, underwent gallbladder surgery and was on a path of total body destruction. Stuck in old and unhealthy habits, she sought answers to better health during an intense cleanse program at a wellness spa in Thailand. It was here that she met a nutritionist from England who taught her the benefits of eating whole and minimally processed foods and the ability to cure your body's ailments as a result of practicing a real food diet.  

Upon returning home to California, Molly integrated these new food habits into her life and soon transformed both mentally and physically.  Since then Molly launched Balance by Molly and has developed her own cleanse that she integrates into her current health coaching practice with clients. With her corporate background, she understands the demands of a stressful career, and works with busy individuals to help balance healthy eating habits with demanding work and travel schedules. Molly provides one on one coaching to individual clients based anywhere in the United States. She also gives health and wellness talks and presentations to tech, finance and other companies in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley.