CLIENT testimonials




Working with Molly has given me the strength to face my life long struggles with food. Her consistent patience, encouraging words, and extensive knowledge allowed me to be completely honest and has given me insight to truths I was afraid to admit and own. She showed up for me free of judgement, which invited me to start practicing more judgement-free thoughts about myself and opened my heart to more compassion for my flaws. I trust her immensely and appreciate her love and acceptance - and great book recommendations, too! She has been my sounding-board, partner, and coach helping me navigate very confusing medical diagnoses, all while assuring me that this journey is my own and no one knows my body or myself better than I do. She is a gem, an absolutely pleasure to work with. 

- Victoria V.



Before beginning my journey with Molly, I was stuck in a cycle of binging and restricting; I was always hungry, craving unhealthy foods, and shaming myself for giving into temptation. Molly completely reshaped my relationship to food, my concept of "good" and "bad" in relation to my body, and my understanding of what it takes to create sustainable weight loss. I no longer binge or restrict, I no longer go hungry, and I no longer engage in self-loathing thoughts or behaviors because I ate a cookie (or three). Molly empowered me to make informed choices, love myself, and showed me the truly incredible difference that proper nutrition can make in every single aspect of my life! Months after completing my nutrition program, I am still finessing my nutritional balance, deepening my understanding of my body, and making new discoveries every day. What Molly will give you isn't just a quick-fix, but the foundation for a life-long lifestyle change and the power to stop allowing food to rule your life.

- Emily S. 


I met with Molly to work on the following issues: clean eating that was consistent, mood swings, issues with bowel movements, and anxiety/stress. What's great about Molly is you don't just learn how to eat well, but you create this healthy lifestyle that is all encompassing mind body and soul. I not only resolved how to incorporate eating "whole" foods in every meal, but my bowel movements also became regular and reduced my anxiety significantly. Through Molly's 10-day cleanse, we were able to determine if I had any allergies to foods that were causing any of the formerly stated issues. We realized I had no allergies or intolerances, but found that my caffeine intake from coffee was nearly debilitating to my daily work and left me feeling incredibly anxious all the time. 

I started my journey with Molly on July 19th 2017, and haven't had a sip of coffee since July 20th. I'm also now an expert of reading labels and truly understanding when foods are considered "whole" and without processing. Throughout our 6 months together, we met bi-monthly to discuss progress of my initial goals, as well as things that came up along the way; how to travel well, making my work outs effective etc. I initially did not want someone who would help me lose weight, but towards the end I realized I was eating to a plateau. Molly then created a model for me that shared portions of carbs, proteins and fats, and it was up to me to decide what foods went where. She does not hand anything to me completed, and pushes me to figure out how each routine and new habit will work best for me. 

Molly's knowledge of food related issues is incredible. She knew exactly how to solve all of my issues, some within mere weeks of meeting! Everything I have learned from her has been life sustaining and I am now enabled to continue my life making healthy choices regardless of my circumstances. I cannot thank Molly enough for the confidence and support and would obvi recommend her! 

- Chayne J. 




Molly is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to healthy eating and what nourishes our bodies. She has the innate ability to help her clients decode what their body is telling them. Molly helps each of her clients decide what will be best for THEM and will help them be most successful with their own health goals. I realized that processed food and sugar was affecting me in multiple ways. I suffered for years from debilitating migraines and since working with Molly I have been migraine free! I am sleeping deeper and better and I have more energy throughout the day and I have become a whiz at decoding ingredients and intuitively knowing what is best for my body.

- Meredith B. 


Before meeting Molly, I was attempting to eat a super restrictive diet that was low-carb, low-cal, low-fat, low-sugar and seriously low-fun.  I had tried Weight Watchers off and on for five years and despite restricting calories, I had hit a plateau where I was consistently hungry (more like hangry) but not seeing any changes.  

I came to Molly with a goal of examining my eating habits, which I considered healthy but ineffective in my struggle to loose a couple more pounds and keep it off.  Molly was extremely approachable since day 1.  Our meetings were fun and non-judgmental and I felt safe admitting to my whacky yo-yo dieting habits with her. 

We worked together to identify what habits of mine were healthy and which were not.  She taught me not to fear food and specifically, "fats".  This was a new concept and one that has changed my entire outlook on food and my hunger level.  The addition of healthy fats back into my diet has not only made me fuller faster, longer but also effectively happier! I LOVE almond butter and avocados and am happy to have them in my life.

Though our time together was a brief 3-month period, I know I have made life-long adjustments to my eat habits.  I highly recommend Molly to help re-set your outlook and get you on track towards whatever your health or weight goals are.  

- Remy C. 



I had recently been diagnosed with IBS when I stumbled upon Molly's delectable food photos on Instagram. As I dove deeper into her feed, I realized she was not just a creator of delicious looking smoothies but also a Health Coach with experience with IBS. 

At the time I ate what I thought was a very healthy diet and was doing all I could to manage the IBS symptoms that most days were very limiting. My doctor advised me to try an elimination diet and remove grains, dairy, soy and refined sugars but my stomach issues were still not getting better.

I was at a loss and that is when Molly's expertise came in perfectly. I started out doing her detox which involved delicious smoothies and real food. Then went on to do her 30 day program. The most impactful part was her recommendation to remove all FODMAP's from my diet which I never even heard of and my doctor never mentioned either. FODMAP's can be troublesome for people with IBS. My daily symptoms completely disappeared. 

She then guided my through a re-introduction and we discovered that cauliflower was the trigger that had been causing me so much discomfort. I had been overdosing on cauliflower rice, mashed cauliflower pretty much everyday since I was trying to eliminate grains from my diet. I on occasion still eat cauliflower but smaller servings and am aware that it might trigger my symptoms if I overdo it again.

I am forever grateful for the knowledge that Molly provided during the time we worked together and I recommend here highly if you have IBS, digestive issues or just want to feel great.

- Veronica S.



I started working with Molly because I was having serious issues with constipation and was holding onto some nagging extra weight.  I thought I was in for a "nutritional education" about what foods are good and what foods are bad, and how I can structure my diet to help me achieve my goals.  Thankfully, I was wrong!  I have always had trouble with any kind of "diet" because I can only keep up a rigid system for so long before I crack, and then the floodgates open and I undo any and all progress. 

Molly did not prescribe me a diet.  Instead, she focused on my goals and the foods I really enjoyed and didn't want to cut out (for me, one of those is beer...and I don't think you'll find that included in very many diets.)  We worked together to figure out what foods work well for my body and what foods don't.  For the foods that don't, we talked about how I could still incorporate them in a way that doesn't inhibit my long-term goals.  I don't have a diet plan now, that was never the intention.  By the end of our time together, my constipation was in the rearview and I was well on my way to a good weight for my body. I am empowered to make choices, and I know what choices will serve me and what choices will require some recovery. 

- Matt M.