corporate wellness programs


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Molly is available for presentations for small or large groups. Choose from topics below, combine them all or a specific topic can be customized to suit company needs. Smoothie demos are available as an add-on.

Please inquire further for pricing. Larger groups hosted at Corporate Retreats are priced separately based on specific needs, including travel, specialized material and employee wellness challenges and competitions.

Molly has worked with Airbnb, ZenDesk, Casper, WeWork, Fastly, AppLovin, Away, Outdoor Voices, New Resource Bank, Credible and other companies. 


TOPIC: Food philosophy 101
Learn a way of thinking about eating and digestion that will make sense to you and help form your choices around eating in a natural, intuitive way. Discover a new “philosophy” of food that builds healthy habits and eliminates the need for dieting in the traditional sense.

TOPIC: How to read ingredients
Learn how to demystify what ingredients are nourishing for your body vs. which ones are processed and trick you into thinking they are healthy. Discover why ingredients are more important than calories and that the key to weight loss are the ingredients you are putting into your body and not the old idea of “calories in, calories out.”

TOPIC: Forming healthy habits
Learn how to form daily healthy habits, how to eat out at restaurants, how to shop for food, stock your pantry and how to pick the right foods to put on your plate every day. You will be provided with the building blocks to learn your own “food intuition.”

TOPIC: How to manage burnout
Is exhaustion purely a modern ailment? In modern life, we face extraordinary professional and personal demands, and as a result suffer from burnout more than ever before. Our obsession with productivity has left us in a perpetual ‘fight or flight’ mode that has led to exhaustion and burnout. But what causes burnout and how can we learn practical steps to integrate into our everyday life to stay ahead of it?

Choose your own topic
Choose a topic that resonates with your employees and Molly will create one especially your employees! 

Molly works on-site with tech companies and corporations to accomplish their company-wide health goals, save money on insurance costs and encourage healthier, happier and more effective employees. Office hours are hosted on-site as an employee perk, similar to an onsite masseuse, yoga instructor, etc. Customized for each company, Health Coaching appointments are "hosted" at your company in an office or space that provides a comfortable setting for one on one sessions. Employees book 30 minute or 1 hour appointments to discuss their health goals. Pricing and more details available upon request.

Molly is available for snack wall, catered breakfast, lunches and on-site meal audits. From choosing the right snacks that are healthy for your employees, to working with on-staff chefs to incorporate healthy ingredients into meals and facilitated introductions to healthy caterers near your office. Molly works within your budget to bring the healthiest snacks and meals to your employees to help increase focus, productivity and sustainable energy throughout the workday. 

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