Looking to make the leap from your corporate career into the world of wellness? Scared of leaving a paycheck behind for the unknown of working for yourself? Is fear and self-doubt holding you back from starting your own health coaching practice full-time?

Searching for your passion but not sure where to start? Are you looking to enroll in a health coaching program? Are you enrolled in a health coaching program and want to get a head start on your business? Are you already a certified Health Coach and looking for practical guidance on how to get your business off of the ground? How to build your client base and start making a monthly income?  

Do you already work in the world of wellness – as a personal trainer, at a natural foods company, as a social media mastermind – and want to build upon your current skills to start something on your own?

I am here to help

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Nice to meet you my name is Molly!

I was once in your shoes and now I have my own successful and profitable health coaching practice. I paid off my tuition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition before I graduated. I was profitable my first year of business. I did not have to dip into my savings. Instead, I am able to budget and save money each month.  My client base continues to grow and has reached capacity with a waiting list. I have set up sources of passive income. I create my own schedule, and my own destiny.  

But it wasn’t always like this. 

Three years ago I felt stuck in my corporate career in banking. I worked for five banks over the span of 13 years and I was burnt out. Near the end of my banking career I would come into my office, shut the door and cry. I was miserable and didn’t know how to make a change. I was riddled with self-doubt and never thought I would be successful. But a voice inside me continued to get louder, telling me to MAKE THE LEAP and to find my passion.

I was confused by these feelings and felt displaced after working so hard to build my career.  But something was calling me in a different direction.  My priorities shifted and things that were once important to me no longer served me. My passion for wellness continued to grow over the past 10 years from my own journey of using whole foods for health.  What was once a spark to help others in their journey of wellness turned into a burning fire that consumed me to point of not being able to say no to leaving my banking career and starting my own practice.

My calling was clear. Quit my corporate career and launch my own health coaching practice.

Easier said than done. I had to overcome fear, self-doubt and corrected the course as I went. Looking back, I wish I had practical and step-by-step advice when starting out. 

My Health Coach Masterclass was created to give you the advice action steps to apply directly to your business or business idea. 

I am dishing all of my secrets to success: How I found my passion. How I got over the fear and self-doubt. How I budgeted for a profitable business. How I paid off my IIN tuition before I graduated. How I grew my practice to be profitable during my first year. How I reached capacity with clients and added other sources of income to make health coaching my full-time gig! 



For those looking to make the leap to pursue your passion, looking to enroll in school, currently are in school or just graduated and are starting your business



Learn the simple steps to identifying your passion and why sharing your story is important to start a business. 

  • How to identify your passion

  • Why it is ok to start over

  • Sharing your story


Practical advice on how to select your Health Coach certification program, what your role will be as a health coach and why this is easily misunderstood 

  • Program options available

  • What to look for when choosing one

  • Understanding your role as a Health Coach


Learn how to set your pricing and your schedule. I will walk you through my step-by-step worksheet on how to pinpoint your target market and define your solution to create programs that set you apart. 

  • How to set pricing

  • How to set your schedule

  • Pinpointing your target market

  • Define your solution


Lay the foundation for your business, so you can worry less about the logistics and spend more expanding your practice. This module will walk you through a checklist for your website, what to set up legally, for taxes and what you can write off as a health coach. 

  • Getting started and what to set up first?

  • Creating your website, business cards, marketing collateral, etc.

  • Legal + Entity set up: LLC vs. Corp. (health coach agreement)

  • Bank accounts, taxes, accounting and business insurance


Learn the important steps you need to take in order to leave your full-time job and take your health coaching business from side-hustle to a profitable practice. This module will take you through a budgeting exercise so you can hit your income goals.

  • Side hustle vs. full time 

  • Make the leap into full time health coaching

  • Steps to take before quitting a full-time job

  • Budget for monthly expenses

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For health coaches who have established and are looking to grow their health coaching business and expand 



We all have blocks that stand in the way of our true potential to manifest the profitable health coaching business we desire. Learn how to overcome the fear + self-doubt that may be holding you back, so you can coach with confidence and grow a thriving and profitable practice. 

  • Overcome your blocks, fear + self-doubt

  • How to sell yourself with confidence

  • How to structure your sessions   

  • Preparation before + after sessions


This module will walk you through exactly where I got my first clients and how I continue to receive a steady stream of clients. Learn the right partnerships to form and how to stake your claim as an expert in a rapidly expanding world of wellness.  

  • How to grow your client base

  • Price changes and increases

  • Securing partnerships

  • Gaining exposure

  • Building credibility

  • Networking like a pro



Learn how your primary source of income will set the foundation for expanding your income in other areas, and why diversifying your income is important. 

  • Primary and secondary sources of income

  • Affiliate marketing

  • Passive income

  • Individual vs. group coaching

  • Corporate wellness

  • Ebooks + Online programs


Learn the right way to form an authentic following on Instagram and build the foundation for social media marketing. How to diversify your content with an email list and why list-building is necessary to bring your business online. 

  • Mastering social media

  • How to nurture and grow an Instagram following

  • Building your email list

  • Why list building is important

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  • Unlimited access to the Health Coach Masterclass learning platform, available immediately and 24/7. 

  • Level 1 Access: A 5 Module Video Library that will give you all the tools to create your company and get your practice off of the ground.

  • Level 2 Access: A 4 Module Video Library that will show you how to grow your client base and expand your business with multiple revenue streams.

  • All-Access Plan: The complete 9 Module Video Library (take a look at the specifics of each module below and what we will cover).

  • Masterclass downloads – worksheets, checklists, exercises and everything you need to take actionable steps and apply directly to your business. Available for all levels. 

  • Access to the Profitable Practice Facebook Group! Surround yourself with like-minded health coaches and connect with others for feedback on your business and to share tips and successes! Available for all levels. 

  • Bonus Live Q&A with Molly available for the All-Access Plan. Date to be announced. 



“Whether you just graduated from IIN or are looking to enroll, you need to take Molly’s workshop as she outlines the specific steps to jump start your business and teaches you how to overcome any fears of self-doubt. Before taking Molly’s workshop I was exactly in this mental space – I had just finished the IIN program a couple months prior to taking her class and was totally stuck. I had so many fear-based questions: Should I take on friends and practice before I launch my business? Should I create my website before or after I have testimonials? Am I ready for this? How do I figure out pricing? She literally answered all of them! I attribute my recent health coach business launch and so much more to Molly!

She also helped me build my social media strategy and secure my target market. Two VERY important topics to figure out when you’re starting a business! I also loved how she talked about networking, budget, how to document my taxes, etc. Overall, I cannot recommend Molly and her workshop enough! The information and confidence gained is invaluable.”


“Molly's masterclass on building a health coaching business was one of the best investments I made this year. As a fellow IIN graduate, I was looking for supplemental tips and advice to help me take my business to the next level. With practical, actionable advice in a wide variety of topics including social media, networking and generating passive income, the workshop delivered and exceeded my expectations. Molly has taken her recipe for success and distilled it down to a formula any health and wellness professional can leverage into success. I highly recommend investing in the workshop or any of Molly's services!”


“I recently completed Molly's Health Coach Masterclass and highly recommend it to anyone considering, pursuing or currently working as a health coach. The workshop was highly interactive and Molly provided a concrete and actionable how-to guide to growing your business. I also loved all the examples she included from her own experience. I am already putting into action what I learned and have five coaching clients!


"Molly's masterclass on how to build a profitable health coaching business was very beneficial to me as an inspiring health coach. The modules had very insightful information on how to identify your target market, create client programs and develop your pricing, resources for building a website or blog, mastering social media, budgeting monthly expenses and how to confidently sell yourself. Whew! So much good information to apply directly to my business. I learned that you don't have to know everything when you first become a health coach, and instead, as you grow your business and gain experience with different clients, so will your knowledge. Another great take away was connecting with potential clients by telling your story. Sharing your story can be so powerful to connect and inspire new clients. Thank you Molly for your knowledge, vulnerability, transparency and authenticity in the world but particularly in the health and wellness community."