The Best Healthy Fats to Add to Your Smoothie

Food is something that is so personal to all of us. We all have our own unique bodies and cravings. And although I am not one who believes in diets or following a strict meal plan, I do believe that fats are important to consume every morning WITH YOUR breakfast, and especially in your smoothie.  I AM giving you a full list of healthy fats to add to your smoothies, while still making intuitive choices for what Your bodies crave and need every single day.

My chocolate cherrie smoothie with avocado and chia seeds, hooray for fats!

My chocolate cherrie smoothie with avocado and chia seeds, hooray for fats!

Since smoothies are packed full of nutrients from the fruit and veggies, we need fat to help better absorb and get the benefits from vitamins such as Vitamins A, C, D, E and K. We also need fat in our smoothies to keep us full until our next meal. Have you ever whipped up a fruit, veggies and protein smoothie only to be hungry 2 hours later? Adding in fats helps to keep you full and satiated longer so that you are not starving, and don’t need a snack, between breakfast and lunch.

The good news is that there are so many ways to add fats to your breakfast smoothie, depending on what you are craving that day, so you can make the intuitive choice for the combo you crave!

Plant Based Fats
Avocado – add 1/4 large avocado to 1/2 small avocado

Coconut milk – use 1 cup canned coconut milk as your base

Coconut oil – use 1 tbsp. liquid coconut oil (MCT oil) which won’t harden when cold

Nuts and Seeds
Nut butter – add 1 tbsp. unsweetened almond, cashew, walnut, hazelnut or pecan butter (use my code BBM25 for 25% off)

Seed butter – add 1 tbsp. unsweetened sunflower seed butter

Chia Seeds or Ground Flax Seeds – add 1 tbsp. to help thicken your smoothie and add Omega-3’s

Whole Milk Dairy
Goat Milk Kefir – use 1 cup as the base of your smoothie, goat milk is easier to digest that cow’s milk dairy because of lower lactose (milk sugar) and casein (milk protein) and added benefits of probiotics.

Whole Milk Yogurt – use 1 cup as the base of your smoothie with a splash of water or coconut water to help blend. Make sure to choose an organic brand with good probiotic cultures such as Straus or Nancy’s.

To create the perfect smoothie, make sure you are adding at least one of these fats from the list above or a maximum of two. Going overboard on fats will be too much on your digestive system.

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