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Weekly Favorites Edition #1


Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the first addition of my weekly favorites. 

Fall and winter seasons are officially here... so long summer, tank tops and unfoggy coastlines! Hello rain/snow, fuzzy sweaters and the holidays!

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Hope you enjoy. xx, Molly

1. Currently reading this book and I plan on reading this book next. 
2. Loving this article on fall cooking and currently eyeing this list as a result.
3. My favorite chocolate hands down, because it tastes more like fudge.
4. Currently loving this blog as well as this one
5. Can't have raw vegetables like kale in your smoothies because of your thyroid or digestion? Try these
6. Bought this and currently eyeing this recipe and also this one
7. I seriously can't read enough articles on gut health (nerd alert) and this article that breaks down the digestive system and how it works. 
8. My all time favorite recipe book and it's vegetarian. Plus her blog is worth a look or a long browse. 
9. Going here this weekend and then here
10. Replaced my old makeup with some paraben-free new makeup.